East Anglia workers: If you’re self-employed you can access your own midlife support

A Midlife MOT drives retention rates for older workers.

It does this by providing an assessment that allows people aged 45 to 55 to review their work, wealth and wellbeing.

The assessment helps them make achievable plans for their later life.

The Midlife MOT

It is always important to think about the future, whatever stage of life you are at.

Planning for life beyond work is especially important, as the decisions we make in our midlife years can have a big impact. This could include how long we are able to work for and how financially comfortable our retirement is.

We should also be mindful of how our habits and lifestyle in our midlife years can impact the quality of life we may have later on.

The good news is that the Midlife MOT can help with all of this.

Our comprehensive assessment enables you to take full control. We will give you an informative overview of your work, wellbeing and wealth and help you create an achievable plan for your future.

How It works

The Midlife MOT helps your employees think about three important issues:

  • Work

    Training and skills

  • Wellbeing

    Leading a healthier life

  • Wealth

    Financial planning for retirement

Six-step process

Once you join, we follow a six-step process to help you. Rather than being a one-off event, the Midlife MOT support lasts for around three to four months.

All Midlife MOT activity can be provided around work obligations between 8am and 8pm through either face-to-face appointments or online Teams calls.

  • Onboarding

    We provide your eligible employees with information and guidance about the Midlife MOT and why it is important to take part.

  • Registration

    Employees register on our website and confirm their eligibility.

  • Assessment

    Employees are sent an online assessment to complete. This typically takes around 30 minutes.

  • Consultation

    A 45-minute consultation with an Executive Coach helps employees understand the results of their assessment, set goals and develop a plan to reach these.

  • Support and Workshops

    Group workshops are provided by our Executive Coaches and Health Coaches. Each workshop is based on either work, wellbeing or wealth. Our available workshops →

  • Review

    Two additional progress reviews are available with their Executive Coach or a Health Coach, plus a final review to measure progress against the original plan.