Test Employee Article

22 Feb 2024

We're proud to be supporting Norfolk County Council with the Midlife MOT scheme.

The UK population is aging and by 2030 half of all adults in the UK will be over 50 years old. A third of the UK workforce is already this age.

With older workers usually being the most experienced, they often have valuable skills and knowledge meaning they are important for employers to retain. This is why we are offering East Anglia employers the opportunity to provide dedicated support for their older workers.

We support older employees to understand why they should remain in work for longer, outlining the financial benefits, supporting with work-life balance and showing them how they can continue to develop in their careers.

Ken Ferguson, Specialist HR Adviser at Norfolk County Council, said: “The Midlife MOT scheme complements our wellbeing strategy and helps us to support our employees at an important stage in their careers.”

Every employee who accesses the scheme is given access to an assessment to gauge their current understanding of their work, wealth and wellbeing.

After this, one of our dedicated Executive Coaches will support them to understand their results, set goals and create a plan to improve their scores. The support on offer includes a series of workshops designed to support with different problem areas such as anxiety and stress.

Ken himself has utilised the Midlife MOT offer, commenting that the service ‘gave him the nudge to look into things himself and really look at his pensions.’

If you're an organisation based in East Anglia, you can sign up and offer the fully-funded Midlife MOT to your employees at no cost. To sign up, visit: https://reedmidlifemot.co.uk/#join